Learn about the team!


I will hunt just about anything with fur or feathers, but my passion is in waterfowl. I hunt mainly in South Central Illinois and  have plans to hunt in North Dakota. My overall goal is to provide viewers with enjoyable content of feathers falling. I also have the dream to do a guide service for waterfowl.  


Hunting everything from Doves to Elk is what I do. As long as I'm outdoors I'm happy. I hunt a lot of public land, chasing big game out west in the mountains to hunting ducks in the Dakotas. I'm here to share my journeys and travels with fellow hunters. 


Hunting whitetail with my bow is my passion, I hunt in southern Wisconsin and love being outdoors. In my free time, I'm always scouting, running trail cams, and when I'm not doing that I like to throw out a line or two in the water and spend some time with family. It has always been a dream of mine to share my passion and my stories with other people and the younger generation. I have two kids that I hope follow in my footsteps!


I'm 27 out of Wisconsin, for my full time job I'm a high performance engine machinist. I also run pit crew and mechanic on a asphalt race team. But, when I'm not doing that I'm always hunting! I'm big into archery, gun hunting, and just being outdoors all around. 


Chasing the elusive whitetail is my absolute passion, although I have been know to stalk a turkey or two. I hunt in several states throughout the year including Kentucky and Tennessee where i have leased farms but I will always call central Indiana home. I fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age and have made it my goal to share my passion for hunting  with the younger generation thru self filmed hunts as well as vlogs and tip videos in the hopes of keeping the outdoor lifestyle alive.  In my free time, when I'm not scouting, checking cameras on my farms or getting a line wet I run a championship racing association stock car team that is sponsored by Woods2Water Outdoors. Overall, it is my goal to present the viewers with a front row seat to exactly what goes into the hunting season. From hanging stands and running cameras in August, to the harvest in November shall we be blessed with one, I strive to take you along with me and make my journey, OUR journey!


I am an avid bow hunter from Minnesota. I hunt whitetail, turkey , small game , and waterfowl. I’m most passionate about pursuing mature whitetails.   For me it’s about the homework leading up to my success. Scouting , food plots , Shed hunting , and trail cameras. Putting in your time from start to finish is what makes a hunter successful.